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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Карта сайта

I understood

One of the main problems of the autichny child difficulty with the speech.I understood almost everything that spoke around, but could not answer.As it tried, turned out very seldom.Kakoyto did not allow me to exorcise an internal barrier.However sometimes I distinctly said short words it seems ice.Most often it occurred in a stressful situation, like that road accident when the stress helped me to break a barrier.Such selective speech, along with other unclear and shocking strangenesses in behavior, often nonpluses the adults dealing with the autichny child.

Now he enters

In old times spoke: nurse the small child, it is not necessary to nurse the adult.Third step even more considerable: the child, having developed the house, leaves to the yard or in kindergarten.Now he enters the long period polusvobodysemisupervision, and training of responsibility begins.At first mother still nearby, she will warn about danger or will protect.Supervision it and protection, many people and all life with pleasure would carry out under supervision.

My method

A difference only that at the father similar qualities are shown much more weakly and the norm do not go beyond.Having become adult, I learned to prevent the fits of anger.My method is simple: I simply do not dare to be angry.I with anybody do not argue.As soon as the situation starts being heated, I get up and I leave, without waiting until I want to explode.It happened to me to see how Izz fits of anger people lose friends, darlings, break to themselves all life.

For anger

Pain a signal of danger to a body: stop!draw aside a hand!Shame a signal of danger to the personality.Action which causes shame, cannot be continued.It is tried not to be kept in memory, to forget rather.But in the history of each person there is a shame history there were minutes which at the thought of them force to shrivel and in many years.For anger and fear of people can develop mad activity.He fades with shame, contracts, dies.And the deep shame, conscience pain, heart pain, spiritual pain are so intolerable, what even Judas, whose name became a treachery symbol, went and hung.

Figure See tsv. insert. Whom

Listen to words

Designation of a place of a sound on a sound ruler.Listen to words the jumper, the goalkeeper.What syllable was lost?Gong tar.Lets make words.Tell a sconce syllable, and I will add it with a sound t.What word turned out?Tell a syllable of a vr, and I tar.What word we made?Drawing up letters r and in from parts.What identical elements are in these letters?Find letters in which there are such elements.

Here where

The son did not drink, did not smoke and bad books did not read and grew up the murderer and the robber.Why?Why so?we can ask together with the unfortunate father.Here where present detective story.The inspector understood murder of the servant but who will understand MURDER of SOUL?What Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, captain Denisov?Who will tell why in one families for children look, and they grow up wicked men?Children grow in others like cardboard, for days on end in the yard vanish, to the ninth, to the tenth class the book in hand do not take in soccer drive, and then grow up beautiful people, reach respect and situation I know such cases.

It is possible

It is possible to ask type questions: How you think, what it is possible to make in a different way that the father did not raise on you the voice?The conflicts always assume interaction of all who is involved in them.Why to us happens so difficult really to estimate own abilities?Why we, as a rule, try to subordinate to the influence acts and actions of others, and we remain away from acceptance of any measures?At childrens age for the majority of us wellbeing depended on decisions which were made by the people who had influence on us.

E. Chepovetsky

What will

At first call clothes.Children call words, define a sound position with in words.Put in a toy suitcase, in a bag food.Inventing of words by children.Children list names of subjects with a sound with.Pronunciation of words of difficult sound syllabic structure.A sound with in offers Who meets us at a plane ladder?Stewardess.What will we be told by the stewardess?Hello, dear passengers.Go to salon.Take the places.

Here education

Even Faust from him aspiration to the escaping benefit was compelled to tell: Last, the moment, you is fine.The person in a condition of happiness feels made and made, it has no desires.Here education art: to grow up modest in life, the unpretentious, not greedy, unenvious person but aspiring to the high purposes, to big life.The desire of happiness does not gnaw, does not torment such person, and overflows it.The aspiration fortunately is also its happiness he feels like the living, vigorous person.

Show to Allan

with regret Development of phonemic perception Definition of a position of a sound l in las syllables, it is scarlet, it is scarlet.Designation of syllables yl, silt, ul color symbols.Tell Allan and Lola where the sound l is heard.Definition of a position of a sound l in words a floor, the hall, a ceiling, a bulb.Designation of a place of a sound in a sound lodge.Work with a letter.Show to Allan and Lola a l letter.Lay out a letter from elements.

As it is strange, but, allowing

Here I speak: But for me it is important to put the house in order because tonight we will have guests, and then they vigorously are accepted for good reason.As it is strange, but, allowing the children to refuse, you strengthen their desire to make advances you in assistance.As if you felt if, for example, at you at work it was forbidden to speak no?I know on myself that such work or such relations did not suit me.I, most likely, would refuse them if could not change a situation.

We walk on floors. To say words

The etiquette

Etiquette visibility of manners.The etiquette does not prevent the person to talk during a concert, the etiquette allows gossips and scandals.The etiquette demands to change clothes by a lunch, to rise when the lady approaches our table, to tell excuse, rising because of a table.All this is conscious, external, senseless behavior.Bad manners always grow from the disorder mentality.Tendency to slander, scandals, gossips and actions stealthily is all subjective violations, in them hatred of the person to itself is shown.

The mouth

To bite the lower lower lip upper teeth.Snorting of a horse.Vibration of lips.Exercises for language The cat drinks up milk.To put out wide tongue from a mouth.Under nyat a language tip up cup and to hide language in a mouth.The calf sucks milk.The mouth is open, lips in a smile.To bring a wide tip of language under an upper lip and with a clicking to tear off.Development of speech breath and voice Onomatopoeia animal.To change a voice on force and vy the Cow: Mu atatatat, milk to whom?

Mischa, you eyes

Tell about Mischa.Mischa, you eyes you look, you blink, you look; ears you listen; feet you go, you go, you run, you walk; hands you catch, you throw, you wave, you do; door you open, you close; ball you catch; with a doll you play; pencil you draw; by car you go; in the plane you fly.Present that mother sent Masha to shop.We will guess that it does, and to speak to it about it.You in shop you come, products you choose, money you pay, products in a bag you put, home you bring, from a bag you spread, in the refrigerator you put.

And after

And after a while pass to mixture of three flowers, having expanded an initial set.Remind children, how many different, not so similar shades of color in world around we call the same word green, red, etc.Offer them such competition: Who from you, using a limited set of paints, will make more shades of the green?Only do not take a jar with green paint, it is not interesting.Take white, black, cobalt blue and cadmium yellow and try to take from them various combinations.

It is necessary

It finishes the affairs, then goes to the son, but without reproaches that supposedly shout, I hear!no, it goes from the guilty: You call me, and I do not go?Mother bad, came not at once!But also at times mother does not hurry.So it trains Matvei in the first childrens virtue patience and hope.It is necessary to wait, endure, the help will come, will surely come.This effect of the delayed echo is quite important in education.

Put palms

Say terribly: KrakroCrewekra!They grew quiet say a low voice: carat carat karrr.Now a voronyata quietly sit in a nest relaxation.Development of a thin motility of fingers of hands Nest.Put palms so that the carrion crows a nest turned out.Show how the voronyat is pecked by crumbs quickly knock fingers on a table.And here sparrows bathe in a puddle the movements by a palm to the rightto the left.Vorobyshka bathed and departed.

Chewing imitation. Exercises

It is considered

It will turn out callous, heartless.It is considered to be that soul all mental, an interior.But, judging by language, it not so.Pushkin constantly shares the concepts mind and heart.Tatyana Larinas mother in due time sighed on the friend, Which heart and mind It was pleasant to it much Bol and after her daughter will expostulate Onegina: As with your heart and mind To be feelings small the slave?Soul not I, not all my inner world, exist still mind, memory, abilities is another.

They voluntary

Three days later he called us.Also reported that told children the following: Children, I made a mistake and lost quite large order.For this reason we some time will have problems with money, maybe, you have any reasons which will help us to solve this problem quicker?Response of boys simply struck the father.They voluntary refused a trip to camp he reported.Besides, children suggested the help to watch that for economy in the apartment unnecessary light was disconnected in time, and expressed readiness to work as messengers of newspapers, and to bring the earnings in the budget of a family.

Jump all five

Help a frog to jump from a leaf on a leaf.Jump all five fingers of the right hand on leaves, along with a poem pronunciation.At the first stage the adult helps the child.Subject Fall Development of a small motility.Coordination of movements in combination with the speech To carry out actions and the movements by fingers according to contents of the poem and a poteshka.The north blew: Ssss, all leaves From a linden blew off To move fingers and to blow on them.

Mother is afraid

Every day begins a stress and comes to an end with it.Mother is right.The boy has a weak throat.Mother is afraid of cold.All of us are afraid of childrens colds and infectious childrens diseases and we think that it is most important for health of the child purity and a hardening, and it seems as if it is enough of it.Likely, three quarters of all pedagogical and medical literature about colds and that it is not necessary to muffle up children.Meanwhile new, much more terrible trouble, than cold, on a threshold of our house.

Fifth stage

Bore a heavy thing, put into place: Ooh!Ooh!Ooh!Woodcutters.Fifth stage Formation of the correct speech breath in the course of the speech pronouncing on one exhalation from to words and phrases containing from to words.A deep breath into account a short delay of breath and pronouncing from to words on one exhalation, for example, the account one, two, three, four, days of week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, the subjects relating to a certain patrimonial group a cap, a fur coat, shorts, a jacket.

Zoya would

in public park.In my own family the most great difficulty in connection with selfcontrol concentrated round a clothing problem.Zoya would be happy to run stark naked all day without a break if she was allowed.Parents of other selfregulating child told me that when became cold in the afternoon, their twoyearold daughter herself came in py and asked warm clothes.At us was not so.Zoya shivered from the lackey the nose and cheeks did not become blue yet, but all the same resisted our efforts to put on her though any clothes.

Beth pulls

Beth joyfully played in the yard.Suddenly she runs in home, sobbing, and approaches mother who peels potatoes in kitchen.Beth pulls to herself a mothers dressing gown and speaks: Mother, mother, I scratched a foot!.Mother stops peeling potatoes, Beth in an armful is enough and seats on a chair before himself.Oh, my poor thing!mother speaks and with an uneasy look examines scratch which only reddened, but does not bleed.You want, I will kiss this place, and it will be easier for you?

What to do to me? mother

And, above all, ourselves have to sympathize with the child.Solemn language speaking, sympathy is the educational act, one of the main pedagogical actions.What to do to me?mother asks.Sympathize with the child.And all?The warm movement is more expensive than any measures.When we tell something to the child, we achieve the answer, though not always: Mine on everything is silent, mother of the fifteenyearold boy told me.

Badly I coped

Touching cards, I had to store a feature set on which it was required to find suitable cards, but trouble that, having concentrated on search of the answer in the shortterm memory, I forgot the necessary signs.If in the test it was allowed to write down a feature set, I think, I would consult much better.Badly I coped and with the Volume of Visual Attention subtest from Hiskis series Nebraska.Here it was necessary to look at a set of pictures, then to choose from big group of pictures what entered an initial set, and to spread out them in an initial order.

I find that

Defekation and education of cleanliness Sometimes all of us make quite strange impression on visitors of Sammerkhill because from time to time we talk about a toilet.I consider that it needs absolutely to be done.I find that each child is interested in excrements.About interest of the child in his excrements and urine it is written very much that I expected to see much interesting, watching the little daughter.However she did not show to the excrements interest, disgust at her did not arise desires to play with products of her body.

The child

Everyone do not touch it!there is a preference of a thing to the child.The child a constant source of disappointment because his desires steadily clash with proprietary instincts of the adult.Three little boys borrowed my dear electric pocket lamp once.They started investigating its device and broke a lamp.To tell that I was glad to their research rush, would mean to lie.I was angry in spite of the fact that guessed psychological background of this act of destruction: symbolically the lamp represented a fatherly phallus.


At each finger the path: big and index, index and average, average and anonymous, anonymous and little finger, big and little finger, big and anonymous, big and average.Bugs Two bugs went for a walk, the legs porazmyat.Everyone on the path: Their legs would not be tired!Help bugs to reach the wood.Walk fingers of the right hand on paths.At each finger the path: big and index, index and average, average and anonymous, anonymous and little finger, big and little finger, big and anonymous, big and average.

Well and of course, it is necessary

Well and of course, it is necessary to give a fragment from a monologue of the Baron the Avaricious knight: Or the son will tell, That heart at me acquired a move, That I did not know desires that me And conscience never gnawed, conscience, The sharpclawed animal scraping heart, conscience Uninvited guest, tiresome interlocutor, Creditor rough, this witch, From which month and graves grows dim Are confused and send the dead?.Heart, desire and conscience are put in one row.


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